How many of you dislike your parents?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, this is basically for me to vent about how my parents are and so that you guys can read it and understand what I feel. More than likely, there will be several readers who can agree with what I say and know how I feel when I talk about my parents. I'm gonna try to post whenever my parents piss me off, which, I'm guessing, will happen quite often. However, sometimes they take my laptop for no reason... So it'll be hard to tell when I will update my posts. So yeah, hope you guys understand what I'm saying in this blog. Oh, and in case some of you guys want to tell me about some of your experiences with your parents, you can email me at "". I might quote what you write in your email so if you want me to include your name or something, just mention your name and I'll put it in. Also, if you would rather have me make it anonymous or not post it at all, just be sure to tell me and I won't tell or show anyone it. Finally, you can just email me to have a conversation. It doesn't have to be about parents, you can talk about whatever you want. I'm okay with anything and I won't be judgmental towards you. Alright, hope you guys come back and read this. Later.


  1. I happy that I found this O~o . I think I can relate to you somehow . . . Imma comment alot btw . . .