How many of you dislike your parents?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Wow... Honestly, how fucking retarded are my parents? First of all, they make me mop... the garage floor. Are you kidding me? What possible reason could you give that could justify your decision to mop the garage floor? No one cares about how it looks, and it's just gonna get as dirty as it was the day before. My parents are seriously stupid. And why did you take my laptop? What gives you the right to take my computer? MY computer which belongs to ME and was paid for by MY money which I earned. That's practically stealing my stuff. Keep your fucking hands off my shit. It was in my room for a reason. And finally, if you're gonna ask me to do you a favor or something, don't bash what I did. So you ask me to vacuum before you get home? And then you say that my vacuuming was a piece of shit? THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU ASK ME TO VACUUM? Seriously, if you could've done a better job than I could have, then why the fuck didn't you do it? Fuck you guys, seriously. You actually wonder why I stay in my room? Away from you? It's not a big secret. You piss me off. Damn, whatever. I'm done. Later, guys.

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  1. I cannot stand it when my parents take my phone. It isn't theirs if I earned it with my money which I actually got a job for. That isn't how the 'real world' works. No one is going to take away my phone (or anything for that matter) if I tell them their wrong.