How many of you dislike your parents?

Monday, September 13, 2010


You're so fucking stupid. Really. You are. Don't fucking yell at me for not doing something you don't ask me to do. I'm not fucking retarded. You fucking asked me to wash these vegetables and put them on the grill. You didn't tell me to bring them to you on a fucking plate. If you fucking change your mind about what you want me to do, at least fucking tell me, dipshit. Second of all, you know all those threats of kicking me out of the house? I don't fucking care about them. If you're gonna kick me out, do it. Don't threaten me ten times, call me useless, and then ask me to do stuff. If you really want to see how useless I can be, just ask. I'll be happy to show you. Cause you are a fucking asshole. And you know what else? I honestly don't fucking care if I'm a disappointment to you. You think I like you? I don't. So I don't care about you, and I don't care about what you think of me. You're my fucking step-dad. You're not my real dad. Don't tell me what to do if all you're gonna do is bitch and moan about how useless I am. You actually wonder why I don't respect you? I don't fucking respect people just because they're older. You get my respect when you prove to me that you're worth my respect. And by the way you act, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Just fuck off. Get out of my way. Stay out of my life.


  1. I could read that a hundren times, hi5

  2. I agree they count down till im 18 and is like I fucking care. I don't I want to move out now I cant stand it any more. I have friends that will gladly take me in and I get treated well there. I ran away once had no where to go but now I have plenty so they should just keep testing me.